Break even
I will begin today's conversation, it would seem, from a completely different, but, believe me, a very important point. A lot of mistakes are made by both beginners and existing…

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Common sense in the foreign exchange market
For a start, a little episode of the last days and weeks. I have one very good friend - the head of the operational department of a very large bank…

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How to preserve the eternal business youth
If you have a goal and a positive outlook on the world, then there is something to strive for. Written by Richard Branson, the book stands apart among other biographies…


beautiful restaurants

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Competitions in business – business games

Currently, many people on our planet are engaged in business. For their activities, they choose different directions, and they also conduct their business differently, in accordance with their own concepts about how to build their business.
But, despite the difference in views, hardly anyone will argue with the fact that any businessman on a thorny road to success is always waiting for annoying competitors. Continue reading

Free and promising niches for starting aFree and promising niches for starting a business Source of material:

The reasoned choice of a niche for business is the foundation of successful entrepreneurship. How to lay this foundation with minimal risks, and what market trends should be followed?
You understood correctly: finding a niche for a business is an extremely difficult stage due to the abundance of options. At the same time, the rich variation expands the boundaries of possibilities. Luck in this matter does not play the most important role, but attentiveness, sensitivity and intuition will become a lifeline in a hectic sea of ​​market trends. Continue reading

How to start the organization of the hotel business?

At the very beginning you should not run anywhere, make out papers and find out the cost of hotel equipment. It all starts with a concept. It needs to be invented and prescribed a clear plan of action, starting from construction or reconstruction, and downloading it with a scheme and principles of work. The document necessarily indicates the status of the future hotel or hotel, style, structure, marketing strategy and so on. How to start and how to open a hotel business? Continue reading

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How did the guys learn to be investors
- At the currency section, a cautious investor made the decision not to hope for sharp jumps in the dollar and play a little difference, the participants of the competition…


Everyone has their own path to entrepreneurship
In recent years, I have been asked many times: Is it possible to learn entrepreneurship or need to be born with it? Why and how do people get infected by…