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How to preserve the eternal business youth
If you have a goal and a positive outlook on the world, then there is something to strive for. Written by Richard Branson, the book stands apart among other biographies…

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Russians tried out new business - fuel pellets
More than 20 years ago, Bavarian Rudi Gunnerman, who lives in the United States, first produced wood pellets. The pellet market is growing at a tremendous pace today. Prices are…

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Fighting fear and greed in the financial market
Trading in the stock market is based on the interaction of three components: analysis, money management and the psychology of trading. The emotional component can both positively affect and lead…


Interference for business

How to prevent abuse of official position and public trust in the future? For this you need to revise the current system. Of course, people are responsible for their behavior. But, it seems to me, the ethical foundations of corporate America have been shaken largely for the following reasons.
1. Changes in the principles of remuneration. Over the past 20 years, the remuneration system of senior executives has changed, prompting them to inflate the stock price of their company. Continue reading

Free and promising niches for starting aFree and promising niches for starting a business Source of material:

The reasoned choice of a niche for business is the foundation of successful entrepreneurship. How to lay this foundation with minimal risks, and what market trends should be followed?
You understood correctly: finding a niche for a business is an extremely difficult stage due to the abundance of options. At the same time, the rich variation expands the boundaries of possibilities. Luck in this matter does not play the most important role, but attentiveness, sensitivity and intuition will become a lifeline in a hectic sea of ​​market trends. Continue reading

How to start the organization of the hotel business?

At the very beginning you should not run anywhere, make out papers and find out the cost of hotel equipment. It all starts with a concept. It needs to be invented and prescribed a clear plan of action, starting from construction or reconstruction, and downloading it with a scheme and principles of work. The document necessarily indicates the status of the future hotel or hotel, style, structure, marketing strategy and so on. How to start and how to open a hotel business? Continue reading

Facts about business in the Czech Republic, which will not let you fall asleep

Czech mass media more and more often write that local entrepreneurs, having reached retirement age, do not know to whom to transfer their business. The lack of a successor forces them to sell the business.
Facts about business in the Czech Republic, which will not let you fall asleep
Now in the Czech Republic there are about 300 thousand enterprises. Most of them appeared after the velvet revolution, and this is a family business. Continue reading

7 areas of opportunity in business

You probably would not have bought a car without testing it, or a house, without first examining every square meter in it. In our daily life, the behavior is completely normal for us, in which we view the product from different points of view before we buy it – it helps to make the right choice. The same goes for starting a business or project. We must carefully examine all aspects, because otherwise we will have to pay with our time and money. Continue reading

“Main Staff Wallet”
Where, after all, is the critical limit for wage costs, which is not recommended to pass? If you do not have a ready answer, do not be discouraged, for you…


Enterprise development is a priority
The development of entrepreneurship is one of the priorities set out in the Tomsk Region Development Strategy until 2020. The instruments for its implementation are long-term regional target programs aimed…